Why you should become a Data Scientist?

The following youtube video by EMC outlines some of the reasons on why you should aim for a career in Data Science. Here is a rough guide on the difference between a statistician and a data scientist:

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 00.08.39

TL;DW (too long; didn’t watch)

  • Data Science is a blend of math, statistics, and computer science that is used to solve quantitive problems creatively.
  • Lots of companies are trying to hire people with these skill sets.
  • Demand for these roles is far outstripping the supply.
  • People with Data Science skills can apply their analytical skills to many verticals, such as economics, healthcare, and many more industries.
  • Websites such as Kaggle provide a platform where you can practice your Data Science skills on real world datasets provided by many companies from a range of domains. And they pay you to do that which is another bonus.
  • Data Scientists can also be thought to act as consultants that work with data.
  • They need to work with people to understand business problems and represent those problems in a quantitative way on top of which they can run different algorithms.
  • They need to be able work across a range of verticals, visualize data, build models, etc.


Here is the youtube video (6:46 minutes)

Why should i enroll for Data Science and Big Data Analytics course?



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