What is it like to be a Data Scientist

In the following youtube video Josh Wills, Senior Director of Data Science at Cloudera, talks about what it is like to be a Data Scientist. The term data scientist means different things to different people. Josh Wills himself has an excellent less-then-140-characters definition of a Data Scientist which goes like this:

“a person who is better at statistics than any software engineer and better at software engineering than any statistician”

In this 33-minute video Josh Wills will take you through all the key components of what it takes to become, work, and think like a Data Scientist.

Here is a short summary of what he touches on during the video:

  • What data scientists do?
  • The evolution of data storage.
  • Extracting business value from data – Data economics.
  • Big Data economics.
  • Hadoop, Map/Reduce.
  • Thinking like a data scientist
  • Solving data intensive problems and finding insights.
  • Data abudance vs Data scarcity.
  • Creating a data science team.
  • Designing machine learning models to optimize a business problem.
  • Measuring impact.
  • and finally introduces to Data Science courses offered by Cloudera.

Cloudera: Training a New Generation of Data Scientists

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